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Peter Bielagus (Bill-a-gus) became a top authority on money management for Young America the hard way- by first falling deep into credit card debt. Peter entered college with several thousand dollars in savings but within 6 months he found himself $5000 in credit card debt. Determined to dig his way out of debt, Peter began learning about personal finance, reading over 300 books on the subject, interviewing experts and attending seminars. By graduation, Peter's cards were clean and he was on his way to financial freedom.

Wanting to educate students and young professionals about money, Peter wrote Getting Loaded: A Complete Personal Finance Guide For Students and Young Professionals which was published by Penguin Putnam/NAL. After graduating, Peter went to work for a national financial company and became the top salesperson in his district, in his first year. Shortly after getting his financial planning license, Peter then opened up his own fee-only financial planning firm - one in the few in the country that catered exclusively to young people. A frequent guest in the media, Peter has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and on the nationally syndicated radio show "Hints From Heloise."

In addition to writing and speaking, Peter has created many financial education products, including the interactive CD-ROM, Mastering Your Personal Finances , and the 70 minute audio program The Free Way Guide To Personal Finance . He is now awaiting publication of his next book for young entrepreneurs entitled “Quick Cash For Teens: Make Money and Be Your Own Boss” to be published by Sterling in the Spring of 2009.

Affectionately known as the "Go To Guy For Young People and Their Money" Peter now gives over 100 presentations a year for high school and college students as well as members of the military. Recently financial corporations, credit unions, financial aid administrators and even parents have called upon him to assist them in getting Young Americans excited about personal finance. Mixing humor and emotion with real life examples, Peter empowers audiences of all ages to get started today on managing their money.